How To Prevent Back Pain In The Workplace

Workplace-related injuries

Workplace-related injuries can be divided into many categories, and they can range from minor to major and even fatal injuries. Believe it or not, many minor and medium workplace-related injuries are caused by common and ordinary work activities such as long sitting at the office desk or lifting heavy loads.

What causes back pain and injuries at work?

Back pain can be caused by a variety of factors, depending on the type of the job. Wrong posture and pressure on the spine and hips is what causes back pain, and it is most commonly related to standing and sitting during a long time. More serious back injuries are often caused by lifting heavy loads irresponsibly, without using proper equipment, without respecting weight limitations or by using wrong techniques.

Who is at risk?

Those who are most likely to develop back pain or suffer a back injury at work are people working in storages, on the construction sites and all other places where it is necessary for them to lift heavy loads. However, those who spend all day at work sitting or standing can also suffer back pain, neck pain, various spine conditions and recurring headaches due to these problems.

Preventing back injuries and back pain in the workplace

If you still do not suffer from back pain or have not suffered any injuries, it is important to prevent them. This can be done easily by standing and sitting properly if your job is related to such positions. Also, if you work at more demanding jobs which involve heavy lifting, it is important to do it properly to save your back from hurting.

Correct posture

In case you spend all workday sitting in front of the computer, it is necessary to sit in the correct posture. Sitting on an ergonomic chair can help you a lot in this, since they are designed to be adjusted according to your body and the desk you work at. If you spend the day standing, distribute the weight on both feet, tighten your abs and buttocks and keep your shoulders in level with your hips.

Responsible lifting of heavy loads

If your job demands lifting heavy loads, it is necessary to lift from the squatting position and to use the muscles of your arms and legs rather than your back. Never exceed the weight limit, and if you own the equipment for lifting, use it responsibly and according to the instructions.

Relieving back injuries

If you already suffer from back pain or you have suffered a back injury, there are techniques to relieve the pain in the workplace. Getting an ergonomic chair could help if you spend time sitting, and sticking to the rules for lifting heavy loads is also the way to go.

Stretching exercises

There are various stretching exercises that can be performed even in the workplace. They will help you relieve the back pain, relax your muscles and prepare the body for another round of work.

Take breaks

It is important to take several breaks during work time, so that you can regain energy and relax tense muscles and joints and aching bones. Use the breaks to do stretching exercises or take a short walk, to recover from long sitting, standing or lifting.