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Health Issues As A Result Of Poorly Designed Furniture

Many serious conditions can directly arise from sitting or sleeping in uncomfortable chairs or beds, and not to mention a whole range of less serious illnesses and inconveniences. For example, office chairs can cause problems with the spine, hips, arms, neck, and shoulders while beds can cause a similar range of symptoms.

How to prevent those health problems

Luckily for everyone who has fears and concerns about his or her health, there is a very simple solution to the problem – ergonomic furniture.

By switching to this type of chairs or more comfortable beds, your lives can take a turn for the better, and the overall quality of life can be significantly improved in no time.

Office chairs as one of the remedies to health problems

Since we spend a lot of our time in offices, sitting on poorly constructed chairs and performing daily tasks in uncomfortable positions, it is only logical to find chairs as a solution to the problems at the same time. Simply by using ergonomically designed office chairs our working hours can be much more pleasant and healthier.

The quality of ergonomic office chairs

The quality is one of the main advantages of ergonomic chairs in comparison to “normal” chairs, and this can be even deducted from the price. Ergonomic furniture tends to be a little more expensive than the rest, but the benefits certainly make every investment worth the cost.

Basic features of ergonomic office chairs

One of the general characteristics of ergonomic office chairs is the fact that they are designed with respect to the human body and our daily needs. By following the shape of the spine or by paying attention to the position of our arms or feet, ergonomic furniture makes us feel pleasant and keeps the body in a balanced position.

Why is the balance so necessary?

Stability is a crucial requirement for our body to feel relaxed and comfortable, and chairs that have a strong base and appropriate armrests can support our body in the proper position. Also, the backrest can give support to the spine, which also helps with the balance and makes the body feel natural.

Essential components of ergonomic office chairs

Several components are universal to all chairs, and ergonomic furniture simply makes those parts better and more in-tune with the human form.

Almost every chair consists of a base, a seat pan, a backrest and the armrests, with some additional features available in certain models.

Additional options and features

Some chairs come equipped with “fancy” features that make them different from the rest, but the basic function and the purpose of the chair usually remain the same. For example, hydraulic height adjustment mechanism can be found in a lot of models and the same can be said for rotation of the seat pan.

What to look for when buying

The quality of individual parts and components is equally important as the overall quality is, so customers need to look carefully and inspect the quality of the materials and the way in which the chair is designed in the first place.