Ways on How You Can Prevent Cervical Cancer

It is the kind of cancer that forms in the cervix, the lowest part of the uterus. If not recognized on time, it can grow into something serious. However, using Pap smear testing it has helped reduce the spread of cervical cancer recently. You will find that most of the cervical cancer issues can be prevented. It’s sad that there are still a lot of women still developing this kind of disease.

Practice Safe Sex

red-condomsYou can make use of condoms to prevent cervical cancer if you are sexually active. Don’t think that since you are using any birth control that you are safe because you can still get sexually transmitted diseases which can result in cervical cancer. When you engage in unprotected sex will be exposed to HIV and more conditions that lead to increasing cervical cancer.

Schedule Regular Appointments for Testing

Getting the Pap smear test is an essential step to protect you against cervical cancer. Use of Pap smear test will help detect any early cervical deployment earlier before you start developing cancer. And if you need to learn more about Pap smear, you can consult with your doctor.

Eat Diet Based on Plants

Even though it’s not possible to prevent cervical cancer by use of diet alone, particular foods can help lower risk of suffering from cervical cancer. Eating vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and other related greens will help to restore cells infected with HPV. Get plenty of fruits, wholegrain, beans, and vegetables every day.

Be Aware of Your Sexual Activity

You should check your sexual activity and how it may develop chances to develop cervical cancer. Women who involve themselves in sex with multiple partners tend to be at risk of developing cervical cancer. You will learn that having multiple sex partners is a common cause of this type of cancer.

Quit Smoking

smoking prohibitedFor you to prevent cervical cancer, you must stop smoking. It is proven that smoking if cigarettes lead to the development of different kinds of cancer cervical cancer is one of them. When smoking with an infection of HPV will trigger cervical dysplasia, which is known to cause precancerous infection.

Get Human Papillomavirus Vaccination

It is a highly sexually transmitted virus. You will find that human papillomavirus causes all cervical cancers in women. HPV vaccine is given to girls with nine years and also to women up to twenty-seven years. It works well only when provided to women of young age that are not sexually active.